ARITA Safety Relief Valve Thread End A3WL Series



Collections: Industrial Oil & Gas

Product type: Safety Valve

Vendor: Arita

Tags: Industrial, Valve



ARITA Safety Valve Thread End 
Safety Valve by Arita, is used to protect against excessive pressure in system working from 5 to 150 PSI. Set pressure can be set upon order, but can also be set by user by removing cover and adjust the screw on top of the valve.

Model: A3W (without lever) / A3WL (with lever)
Body: ASTM B584-C83600
Seat: ASTM B124-C37700
Stem: ASTM B16 C36000
Spring Seat: ASTM B16 C36000
Disc: ASTM B124 C37700
Cap: ASTM B584-C83600
Spring: Stainless Steel
Connection: NPT

With Lever or Without Lever


Technical Datasheet

Technical Datasheet for ARITA A3W Safety Valve