ARITA Lift Check Valve Forged Steel ANSI Class 800



Colecciones: Industrial Oil & Gas

Tipo de producto: Check Valve

Vendedor: Arita

Palabras claves: Industrial, Valve



Forged Steel Lift Check Valve Class 800
Forged Steel Lift Check Valve is designed for process flow control in oil & gas and general service. Medium flow through Lift Check valve in an S pattern and the valve closes by pushing downwards against incoming flow until it seals shut with the seat.

Design Standard: API 602
Pressure Rating: ANSI Class 800
Body: A105/F316
Bonnet: A105/F316
Seat Ring: 13CR (Stellite Optional)
Bore: Standard Port
Design Standard: API 602
Tested in accordance: API 598
Connection: NPT/Socket Weld/Butt Weld


Technical Datasheet

Technical Datasheet for ARITA Forged Steel Valve