UNIJIN Pressure Gauge P251 Series Oil Filled Bottom Mount




Tipo de producto: Pressure Gauge

Vendedor: Unijin Instruments

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P251 (Oil Filled) with crimp casing models are designed for corrosive environment which media do not corrode the brass and which do not have high viscosity or do not crystallize. Glycerin is filled to protect gauge againt system or equipment where pulsating pressure or mechanical shock and vibration are apparent. It is suitable for compressor, hydraulic, pneumatic, filters, pressure regulators and etc.

Dial Display: 2.5"
Connection: 1/4" Male NPT
Mount: Bottom
Case: Stainless steel 304
Window: Polycarbonate plastic
Element Tube: Lead-free brass (≤0.25%)
Connection: Lead-free brass (≤0.25%) Accuracy: ±1.6% of range
Pressure range: Dual scale
Blow Protection: Top, Rubber
Ambient temperature:-4 to 140 °F
Process: Maximum 140 °F
Do not use for oxygen service


Technical Datasheet for Unijin P251 Pressure Gauge (https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0381/1373/8883/files/Unijin_P251_Technical_Datasheet.pdf?v=1589261632)