ARITA Safety Relief Valve Thread End Bronze



Collections: Industrial Oil & Gas

Product type: Safety Valve

Vendor: Arita

Tags: Industrial, Safety Valve



ARITA Bronze Safety Valve Thread End 
Bronze Safety Valve by Arita, is used to protect against excessive pressure in system working from 4.5 to 150 PSI. Set pressure can be set upon order, but can also be set by user by removing cover and adjust the screw on top of the valve.

Body: Bronze, ASTM B584-C83600
Seat: ASTM B124-C37700
Stem: ASTM B16 C36000
Spring Seat: ASTM B16 C36000
Disc: ASTM B124 C37700
Cap: Bronze, ASTM B584-C83600
Spring: Stainless Steel
Connection: NPT

With Lever or Without Lever


Technical Datasheet

Technical Datasheet for Arita A3W-Safety Valve