ARITA Three Way Ball Valve Stainless Steel ANSI Class 150



Collections: Industrial Oil & Gas

Product type: Ball Valve

Vendor: Arita

Tags: Industrial, Valve



Three Way Ball Valve Class 150
Three way ball valve by Arita is designed for process flow control in general service working temperature at the range of -20°F to 410°F. Three way T port allows mixing or diverting of medium, while three way L port allows direction control from 2 sources to 1 output or 1 sources to either one of 2 output. 

Pressure Rating: ANSI Class 150
Body: ASTM A351 CF8M
Ball: SS316
Stem: SS316
Seat: PTFE
Packing: PTFE
Connection: Flange End


Technical Datasheet

Technical Datasheet for ARITA Ball Valve